Mindo: Catch your mind

Mindo is a mind mapping tool for iPad. Mindo is redesigned to enhance the experience for iPad interactive.

Making user ignore the existence of map mapping tools is the core concept of Mindo. User need to write out ideas fluently and should not be interrupted by any operation problem. This concept is more important in a mind mapping tool because the ideas is fragile and easy to be forgotten.

Compatible with iPad.
Requires iOS 3.2 or later.



  • Add subtopic and next/prev topic by double tap gesture. It is designed based on the position of selected topic. (It is funny and make us exciting)
  • Easy to move and change the hierarchy of topics and auto re-orgnize the mind map graph.
  • Preview in navigation mode allow user to quick create, copy and delete files.
  • Undo / Redo when in edit mode.
  • External Monitor Support

New Features 1.2

  • Undo/Redo functions in edit mode.
  • External Monitor Support
  • Rename the mindmap.
  • New info controller to customize the style of topic, boundary and relationship.
  • New style library help user to manage the appearance of mindmap.
  • Zoom for selection to focus on branch of mindmap.
  • Customize the font of topic.
  • More icons: faces, arrows and flags.
  • Apply style to the same level topics.
  • Comments can be hidden.
  • Support exporting files by iTunes.
  • Support exporting multiple formats file simultaneously in email.
  • Rewrite the text output functions and make the document well organized.
  • Sort the topics based on the position in mindmap when export.
  • Support to import multi-sheet xmind file.