1.Open the Mindo and click the "New mindmap"。

2.Tap "create new topic" and start to edit.

3.Double tap the topic to edit the central topic.

4.Double tap the other place to create subtopic.

5.Create previous topic, next topic and subtopic by double tap different areas. You can tap inner upper area of topic to create revious topic, tap inner down area to create next topic, tap the outer side of topic to insert subtopic under the order relative to position you tapped on the screen.

6.Tap the topic to callout floating menubar. You can copy, delete, resize, add subtopic and add subling topic.

7.Tap on the "resize" button and you will see the resize controller appeared. Move your finger left or right on this controller to resize topic. Then tap some other place to hide the resize controller.

8.You can also tap "subtopic" and "next topic" on the menubar to create new topics.

9. Move the topic with your finger to other branch is a easy way to reorder your ideas.

10. Copy topic allow you do some structural works on your ideas. Double tap some other place to cancel.

11.You need to hide branch of topics ,just tap on the node at right side of topic.

12. If you make some mistakes, just click "undo" on the menubar. Long press the "undo" buton to call out "Redo and Undo" menu.

13. Finish your work and tap on "My Mindmaps"

14. Finish your first mind map.