1. Select topic and tap info button.

2. Choose style for subtopic or same level topics.

3. Tap "More style" to customize the style.

4. Change background color, line color and font color.

5. Change font.

6. Tap icon segment and choose icons for topic.

7. Tap comment segment to add comment to topic, tap show/hide button to show comment on the board.

8. Tap tools button, you will find other two element - Boundary and Relationship. Tap "Boundary" to add boundary to topic and its subtopics.

9. Tap a selected boundary to show the popup menu, you can customize or delete the boundary.

10. Tap info button can also customize style. In boundary info panel, you can choose default style for boundary. And you can also customize the boundary style like topic.

11. You can customize line color, background color, line width and line style.

12. Tap tool button again and choose "Relationship" to create relationship. And then tap the highlighted topic to finish creating relationships. Double tap to cancel.

13. Tap to choose one relationship and two control point appeared. You can move these two point to change the shape to line.

14. Tap info button to customize the relationship style. And you can customize the line color, line width and line style of relationship.

15. User can easily move the mind map or zoom in/out it by finger gesture.

16. Mindo also provide some shotcuts to adjust the screen view. Tap "View for selection" to center the selected topic and its subtopics. Tap "view in 100%" to show actual size of mind map. Tap "view full map" to show the whole mind map in the screen.